About Me

Hi, I'm Liliana, and this website is to show off some of the artistic projects I've worked on!

Email: lilianaclaire (at) gmail.com
Masters degree in International Relations (University of Melbourne)
Bachelors degree with Honours (Anthropology, Art History)(University of Melbourne)
Location: Melbourne, Australia

I'm an all-round artist, musician, computerhead and creator extraordinare!

Programs: Adobe Suite, Opencanvas, Logic Pro
Influences: May Gibbs, modern and traditional Japanese styles, Jerry Uelsman, Pollock, Valve corporation, Jennifer Saunders
Taste in pop culture: British comedy, drama and sci-fi, children's animation, gaming, gadgets, geekery

The Art section will show to you some of my digital works, paintings, craft projects and poster designs.

The Projects section will show to you some of the projects I have worked on, including designing and making puppets for a stage show and my history of website creations.